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The Spice

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Social media platforms are used in many different ways for many different reasons and I choose to use my space to share quality over quantity. I understand it may not be compatible with the algorithm or with the opinions of some but I'm not a formula or a carbon copy caption machine.

I'm also not just a holistic hairstylist which is 100% my spice in life and all I actually post about but I'm not limited to titles or labels. I have many roles, most I prefer to keep private but that doesn't mean that I don't show up or am afraid to share, I simply choose to honor my boundaries as a person and a professional. I choose to flood my feed and make connections with people who lift me up and inspire me and I hope to do that for others too!

One thing I've learned and have to constantly remind myself is this... you will make a lot of people uncomfortable when you start doing you. And so, some will lash out, some will ghost you, some will be ugly, some will underestimate you, misunderstand you, or even belittle you but don't let that stop you from being you. Those people aren't meant for you and will project their own insecurities onto you any chance they get. And when they do, you rise above the mud, cultivate your calm, release that twisted toxicity, and find peace in your knowing over and over again, as often as it takes. Remember you are incredible and this is your one chance at life. You have those in your circle who recognize your light, your value, your worth, your unique personality, your gifts, and your heart and those people and those connections and experiences are what makes life so sweet! Now go do you!



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