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Hi, I'm Dana! I'm so glad you're here! Since I was a child, I have always had a deep connection and fascination with the cosmos. It was my childhood dream to become an Astronomer. My mother made sure I had a telescope and several books that were about the cosmos. My favorite book had glow-in-the-dark constellations and a guide of where to locate them in the night sky. I've always been curious about the mysteries of our galaxy and the universe. ⁠

As I grew up, I learned the hard way that I just didn't have the skill set it took in mathematics to be able to pursue it as a career. It devastated me, until I realized that I can still enjoy the subject as a hobby. I am still connected to that childhood joy of being under the night sky, just watching the moon and stars.⁠ I am still deeply connected to the universe because I am made up of stardust, just like you!

My career in Cosmetology found me in high school and it was then I realized that I was created to bring out the star in other people. It became my dream to be a Hairstylist that helps people see their inner gifts and beauty. Over the last decade in the industry, I've found my purpose for holding space for beautiful beings, like you, and guiding others back home to themselves.


Hairstylists are healers by nature. We are with our guests through the thick and thin of life and helping them look and feel their best through all of the trials and triumphs of life. I realized over the years that I have a high standard of our industry and the experience we provide as professionals. Hair cutting and design has always been a specialty, which is why I stopped offering coloring services years ago. I believe in enhancing the natural outer beauty to match the natural inner beauty of my guests. Tapping into that unique vitality and expression that deeply connects us while also making us all so vastly different. I love to break stigmas around topics that are considered taboo and change the conversation around social norms. I love to show others how to explore the several beautiful versions and variations of living, embodiment, wholeness, and deep self-love. Therefore, I created a unique healing experience for my guests, called the Beauty Ritual. This quickly became a favorite service and it's been so incredibly rewarding to hold space for them in such a special way. 


Reiki and meditation changed my life when I suffered from personal traumas while navigating life with excruciating and debilitating symptoms of extreme endometriosis, adenomyosis, and the emotional spiral autoimmune diseases bring. It made such a positive impact on my life, it inspired me to become a Reiki Guide, to help others find peace, harmony, and healing. 

I am Certified Reiki I & II Practitioner in Usui Reiki Natural Healing Method. Reiki is a powerful healing modality and helps with releasing physical and emotional pain from unresolved trauma, releasing energetic blocks, decreasing stress, depression, and anxiety. Reiki healing meets you exactly where you are and everyone's experience with Reiki is different. Even those who receive Reiki on a consistent basis will have different experiences each session. 

I also offer Womb Reiki which offers targeted treatment for the myriad of disconnections around the womb. Womb Reiki is also for celebrations, ceremonies, and manifestation.

Womb Reiki meets you exactly where you are on your journey. whether you are using it to:


  • develop a deeper & more loving relationship with yourself

  • tend to the needs of your inner child

  • heal your experiences & perceptions of your divine cycle

  • heal ancestor or witch wounds

  • comfort in grieving a miscarriage, abortion, adoption, surrogacy, infertility, disease, illness, syndromes, or surgery

  • healing sexual trauma & stigmas 

or if you are:

  • pregnant, wanting to connect to your baby and prepare for birth

  • preparing for pregnancy, hormone therapy, or egg retrieval

  • in the thick of postpartum depression

  • wanting to rebuild confidence in life

  • starting a pleasure practice or finding pleasure after abuse

  • needing relief from any physical, mental, or emotional pain

  • celebrating mother earth or a divine goddess

  • channeling inspiration, creation, & nurturing energy

  • reclaiming your muse power

Part of my vision for the studio, is to offer the community a safe space to partner with healers, teachers, leaders, mystics, guides, instructors, energy workers, and other holistic practitioners to host events, classes, and group sessions. We want to bring as much joy and positivity as we can, and what better way than to accompany the beautiful souls of our community! If you are someone who would like to host a class or event at The Moonbeam Studio, please email us!


Now, I thank my lucky stars for guiding me to my dream; living everyday as a wild moon child and helping others see their beautiful moonlight at The Moonbeam Hair & Reiki Studio. 

Round Podium_edited.jpg

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