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The Spark

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I recently had a stellar experience with a new client and had to share because the significance of her Beauty Ritual was just exquisite. Due to the personal nature of the service, I will be respecting her identity but she did give me permission to share the experience that had us both stunned with overwhelming joy!

Like I said, she was a new guest so I hadn't met her before, she was referred to me by one of my VIP clients so I knew she was going to be a cool person but that's all I really knew.

I always start my Rituals by just letting my guest know that this service is special because I tailored it myself and each piece serves an intentional purpose. I talk them through what it will look like so that they are prepared and can be fully present.

Then I assure them that this space is being held for them and their unspoken need and that whatever they choose to share, release, or unveil is totally up to them and that I welcome it and respect where they are at.

She instantly said, "Oh God, OK, I've never done anything like this before. Where are the damn tissues?" We chuckled and I assured her that tears are a sign of strength and courage as you are giving yourself permission to FEEL.

We moved through her Ritual and she revealed that she's spent years blaming herself for everything that's "wrong" in her family. That she hates herself for allowing those moments of her unresolved trauma bleed out into the relationships of her loved ones. So she decided years ago to create a mask.

One that took years to manifest. Sculpted from every time she was told that she wasn't good enough and from those fears of rejection. It was painted with the tears that she was afraid to shed with anyone and with the self loathing that developed because she wasn't living, she was hiding.

We went through her ritual, discussing some positive thoughts she could hold on to when she feels the urge to put that mask up. She drew a card from my wheel of affirmations and her message said, "I am now creating a life of joy and that must start by finding the joy within me." We both were awestruck.

I'm so grateful to witness the spark that ignites a wildfire of self love and acceptance.



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