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The Skies

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

It was my childhood dream to become an Astronomer.

My mother made sure I had a telescope and all kinds of books that were about the cosmos. My favorite book had glow in the dark constellations and a guide of where to locate them in the night sky. I've always been fascinated with the mysteries of our galaxy and the universe. ⁠

Growing up, I learned the hard way that I just didn't have the skill set it took in mathematics to be able to pursue it as a career. It devastated me until I realized that I can still enjoy the subject as a hobby. I am still connected to that childhood joy of being under the night sky, just watching the stars.⁠ I am still connected to the universe because I am made up of stardust, just like you!

My career in Cosmetology found me in high school and it was then I realized that I was created to bring out the star in other people. It became my dream to be a hair stylist that helps people see their inner gifts and beauty and to help bring out the best version of themselves. And now I can thank my lucky stars for guiding me through living my dream, everyday.

Living my best life as a wild moon child.



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