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The Shade

Updated: Oct 10, 2021


I'm learning exactly how important it is to carve out the time get grounded. I'm learning the many ways of how to be able to practice this throughout the day, even when I can't go outside barefoot.

I'm learning how to experience life and do my best to remain grounded in my beliefs, my values, and my goals.

I'm learning how to not compromise those values or dim my light, even if it makes others uncomfortable or unhappy. I'm learning that I am not responsible for other people's opinions of me. That I have a tough yet tender soul and being sensitive is my superpower, it's not a fault. It takes a lot of strength to be empathic and to help heal or inspire others.

I am continually learning how to stay grounded in the midst of all the shatter. What are some ways you stay centered?

Be like the Lotus,⁠

Open to the rising sun.⁠

Unaffected by the muddy depths of its birth.⁠

Be like the Lotus,⁠

Live in the water, but rise above it. ⁠



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