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The Serving

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

What does guest experience mean to me?


Being a hairstylist means you play several roles, as many other occupations but only hairstylists fully know and understand that hair is directly connected to the heart.

My chair is centered around a beautiful welcoming space where guests can become the best version of themselves, be vulnerable, be encouraged, or quite simply, be seen and heard. Be understood without judgment. Be open without criticism. Be loved for who they are.

When you are in my chair, you get my full attention. My full focus. I share my passion and education with you. I'll teach you how to style your hair and how to treat your scalp. I'll share all my product knowledge, upkeep tips and tricks to maintain your signature look. I'll help you to reconnect with your inner knowing, release negativity, and hold space for you to simply share your sacred story and radiant energy. I see you for you.

I love my job and I take so much pride in my job. I am happy to come to the salon everyday to see your beautiful faces and to connect with so many incredible souls. One thing for certain is when you're in my chair, I care about your hair and your heart.



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