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The Self Esteem

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Being disliked isn't a bad thing.

At least not when it comes to taking the steps to be who I want to be for the future.

I am a people pleaser in recovery and I'm currently learning how to claim my power back in order to gain the courage and calmness to be disliked.

Being disliked by some means I am free to show up as me and not some pseudo shapeshifter.

I'm able to honor my boundaries.

I'm able to express myself, my craft, my gifts without the anxiety, judgment, or false expectations of others.

I'm able to offer kindness and compassion to others because I respect and I can accept people for who they are.

I know my idiosyncrasies, long social media posts, and my annoying attention to detail isn't everyone's cup of tea and that's OK!

I totally get it but I'm not going to be shattered by it. And I like that.



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