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Greetings, Moonbeam, and thank you for being here! We're called The Moonbeam Studio because we see the radiant moonlight within you and just like the moon, you are whole no matter what phase you're in. 

It is our deepest intention for your Distant Reiki healing experience to make you feel empowered, relaxed, more in alignment with your authentic self, and radiant from the inside and out.

We celebrate having the most stellar guests in the universe, and we are honored to be a part of your healing journey. Our Distant Reiki Healing Sessions are open to everyone.

Please complete the form below.

We send recorded sessions within 48 hours, do you need it sent on a specific date?

Upon completing this registration form, you will receive an email with a link to complete payment, $100, via Square, and upon purchase, you will receive your personalized 1-Hour Video Reiki Session within 48 hours. Sessions are recorded in The Moonbeam Studio's treatment room and all the tools that are used in an

in-person session will also be used in your remote session.

CONSENT AGREEMENT:  I consent to receiving a Distant Reiki Healing Session offered by Dana Lowe from The Moonbeam Studio, LLC. I understand that the services provided by practitioner, Dana Lowe, are intended to enhance relaxation and promote healing and positivity within my mind, body, and soul to achieve overall health and wellness. I understand that these services are not a substitute for medical treatment. I understand that practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. I understand that Reiki will complement any medical care I am receiving. I understand that my participation is always voluntary and that I may choose to end participation. I understand that Reiki practice takes time and that I may experience different results after each session. I understand that any information shared is confidential. I give permission to Dana Lowe to share my results within business and social media, and understand my name is kept anonymous. I understand that by providing this informed consent, I am assuming full responsibility for my health, wellness, and services and hold harmless both practitioner Dana Lowe and The Moonbeam Studio, LLC where the service is provided. I agree with the hourly rate of service and understand that services are non-refundable.

Thank you for your interest in a Distant Reiki Healing Session. Please check your inbox for payment details to complete the registration process. 

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