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There is reiki for that.



Welcome to San Angelo's first Hair & Reiki Studio, established in 2022! I am over-the-moon thrilled to be offering unique salon experiences and workshops that bridge the gaps between sacred self-care and holistic healing for women to embody and live in their highest expression.


We are all so highly stimulated and distracted that we can sometimes forget to pause, get centered, or rest. For most women, visiting the salon is the only self-care time they have carved out for themselves, which is why it is my deepest intention for you to leave your healing experience feeling in alignment with your authentic self and radiant from the inside and out.


I believe in the power of holding space for my guests, in fact, it's my specialty. I believe in the privacy of a reservation. I aspire to create a relaxing individual experience in an environmentally and socially conscious safe space. It is my deepest intention to deliver the highest quality professional holistic hair care rituals and healing services. 

I named my sacred workspace The Moonbeam Studio because I am committed to spreading beauty that is beyond the physical body and realm. I see the radiant moonlight within you and just like the moon, you are whole no matter what phase you're in. 

As much as I love the moon, I love the Earth more. After all, we belong to her. We are a fume-free salon, using only professional clean, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free products. 


I believe in doing things differently, which is also why the studio's professional services are priced by the hour, also known as gratuity-free. Being a gratuity-free studio is simpler and more beneficial for my guests and this transparency offers a stress-free experience with no surprises upon check out.


I celebrate daily having the most stellar clients in the universe, and I would love to be a part of your hair and heart journey.


Moonbeam Beauty Rituals are a transformative salon service that goes beyond just a haircut. Together, we use the power of Reiki, intention, and ritual to bridge the gaps between sacred self-care and holistic healing. My signature service includes intention setting, Reiki-infused shampoo and nourishing treatment, a cleansing ritual, guided meditation, bespoke haircut, blow dry, style, and card reading.


Women can expect to be fully pampered during this relaxing 90-minute luxurious experience. This time allows guests to embody a sacred self-care practice that empowers them to release old identities and stories while embracing rest and relaxation to enhance and unite their unique inner and outer beauty.  Guests leave feeling their best with a positive message from the universe via an oracle card pull.



Rei means higher wisdom. Ki means life force. Reiki is universal energy and is a non-invasive holistic modality that is used to promote natural healing.

Reiki isn't meant to "fix" you because you are not broken, but it will meet and assist in healing those areas where you have denied your true being, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. It guides us back home to ourselves, again and again, so that we can remember who we truly are.

Reiki is a form of complementary and alternative medicine. There is evidence it can reduce stress and help with management of some chronic diseases. Reiki is not a religion, but it is a spiritual practice by tapping into the divinity within and around us. 

I work with you, sister, to relax your nervous system by using Reiki to quiet the mind, create space for embodiment, break those resistance patterns, and show you how you can integrate more softness, stillness, and serenity into your life.


Women can set an intention or just come in open to holistic healing, clearing energic blocks, and gaining peace and stillness. Guests can expect to be laying down on a comfortable massage table for the duration of the session. Arrangements can be made to a chair if lying down is uncomfortable. Reiki is a gentle light touch practice; however, guests can request no-touch if they prefer. Reiki is not a massage and guests remain fully clothed except for their shoes. Reiki is a silent treatment, but guests are empowered to voice anything in their heart if they would like. Special arrangements for Reiki during a pregnancy can be made.


Because we are energetic beings and Reiki connects all of us through higher consciousness and universal life force, Reiki transcends space and time, thus can be performed remotely. 


Guests receive the same beautiful healing benefits and full practice as an in-person session. There are some added benefits to Distant Reiki Sessions, too!


You can expect the luxury and convenience of receiving Distant Reiki healing energy for one-hour, in the comfort of your own home. Most people feel this is their safest space, as they can stay in their own environment and experience. Once you book a Distant Reiki Healing Session, you will be emailed instructions on how to prepare for the session as well as an Oracle card message, a session follow-up, and tips for aftercare Distant Reiki is for to pets in need, too!



These sessions are for women who are committed to their spiritual development and practices. 


These Heart-to-Heart Healing Sessions are one-hour conversations where you can express yourself and receive guidance in your practices around shadow work, manifestation, gratitude, chakra balancing, embodiment, and meditation. We use this time to discuss all your current concerns, emotional hang-ups, physical ailments, and human conditioning to gather a personalized plan for future Reiki Healing Sessions.​

These healing sessions are for sharing all the reasons you've been called to a Reiki practice. These can be booked anytime throughout your practice when you feel you need time to verbally process, express specific concerns, or share deeper truths about your spiritual and personal development.

We move at your pace and when you're ready to begin implementing a practice, you won't be alone. Most women enjoy booking a Heart-to-Heart same day or or in between their regular scheduled Reiki Healing Sessions.


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