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Kristin House

"As I see it, tarot is a mirror, not a crystal ball. I love how tarot and oracle cards use art and metaphor to communicate, often drawing out the answers we already have inside. We all hold deep wells of wisdom, but the world has taught us to ignore our own inner knowing. My intention when reading for you is to help you connect back to that wellspring of wisdom so you can be empowered to live life on your own terms. 


A native of San Angelo (who left for 10 years, then came back), I am a 40-something wife and mom who uses tarot and oracle daily as a means of grounding and self-reflection. 

Tarot speaks its own language, one of color and texture, metaphor and allusion, and decoding the layers of this language can be intimidating. As someone who has been reading tarot for over four years, I have developed a system to understand the language of tarot. My system is part structure and part intuition, using both your mind and your inner knowing. It is my deepest intention that Tarot School gives you a  foundation on which to build your own rich and rewarding tarot practice and that you leave feeling confident in your readings. 


I discovered tarot during covid lockdowns in 2020, a time when we were all feeling unsettled and anxious. It started with two decks (one tarot and one oracle), a book about tarot, and a desire to connect with something bigger than myself, something that existed outside of pandemics and recessions and global upheaval. Connecting with a reading system that has existed for over 100 years helped me to feel grounded and hopeful for the future. Tarot has now become a beloved part of my life, a way to reflect and to feel grounded, its metaphors helping me to make sense of things I may not see otherwise. My goal as your tarot teacher is to empower you to do the same."

TAROT 101:

The purpose of this course is to educate aspiring tarot readers about the structure of the standard 78-card Rider Waite Smith deck and empower them to read the cards for themselves. Tarot 101 is for both the complete beginner and for the student who has some exposure to tarot, but would like a more thorough understanding of the cards and how they work together. With an understanding of the structure behind the 78 cards, students will be able to give basic readings for themselves and for close friends and family.

Tarot 101 Tuition - $222


TAROT 201:

The purpose of this advanced course is to further the education of those with prior tarot knowledge so that they can take their readings to the next level. It is for those who are ready to uncover the deeper topics within the craft, such as, how to provide your readings more intuitively, how to use and connect with multiple decks for a unique reading experience, and the significance of reversed cards, and how to elaborate on the details of the messages, artwork, and interpretation of a reading for yourself and others.


Tarot 201 Tuition - $333

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