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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot



Tarot 101 is a four week course that is designed to make reading tarot approachable for all interested learners. Classes will be held every other week from 6-8pm on the dates listed below in Class Schedule, and all classes will meet at The Moonbeam Studio in San Angelo, Tx. 

The purpose of this course is to educate aspiring tarot readers about the structure of the standard 78-card Rider Waite Smith deck and empower them to read the cards for themselves. Tarot 101 is for both the complete beginner and for the student who has some exposure to tarot, but would like a more thorough understanding of the cards and how they work together. With an understanding of the structure behind the 78 cards, students will be able to give basic readings for themselves and for close friends and family.


  1. A tarot deck

  2. A pen or pencil and something to take notes on

  3. A curious mind and an open heart


Class Schedule: (6:00-8:00pm)

June 21st - Intro to Tarot: tarot vs oracle, brief history, overview of the deck

July 5th - The Major Arcana: cards 0 to 22, the Fool’s Journey

July 18th - The Minor Arcana: the four suits, numerology and elements, cards 1 to 10

August 2nd - The Court Cards: Page to King


Each class meeting will include both an informal lecture and time to practice reading the cards. No formal homework will be assigned, but students are encouraged to spend time with their cards between classes as they are able.

Upon completing this registration form, you will receive an email with an invoice to complete payment, via Square, as well as a Welcome Letter with all the details about the class.

CONSENT AGREEMENT:  I consent to learning the art of Tarot offered by Kristin House and Dana Lowe from The Moonbeam Studio, LLC. I understand that the services provided by instructor, Kristin House, are intended to enlighten and enhance our intuition and to learn about the beautiful messages within the Tarot. I give permission to Kristin House and Dana Lowe to share my results and/or photos within business and social media. I understand that by providing this informed consent, I am assuming full responsibility for my health, wellness, services, vehicle (and items within), and hold harmless both Kristin House and Dana Lowe and The Moonbeam Studio, LLC where the service is provided. I agree to the tuition cost and understand that tuition is non-refundable. If canceling after payment has been made, I understand that the cost will go towards a future Tarot 101 Class at a later date. I understand that my registration is not complete and that my spot will not be saved until the full payment of tuition has been made. I know to check my inbox at the email provided for payment details upon completing this form.

Thank you for your interest in our Summer Tarot School. Please check your inbox for payment details to complete the registration process. 

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