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The Stillness

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

The universe keeps showing me pearls through my current situation and struggle.

I even dreamt that I was adorned in pearls from my crown to my heels but I didn't understand what all the signs meant until now.

During my morning ritual it hit me. Deep in the depths of the ocean, mollusks protect their soft inner bodies with a hard outer shell. When a piece of sand, muck, or a parasite gets inside the mollusk, creating a disturbance that will affect the growth of the shell, the mollusk's defense mechanism is to fiercely create a pearl sac to counter the irritation. And what was once a damaging, life threatening element is now a rare, gorgeous, and exquisite object of protection and growth.

I realized that I am able to view trauma and disturbances this way and that I am currently creating my own pearls of wisdom deep inside as I heal and grow from these current challenges, judgements, and disappointments. I am countering the irritation through self love and respect.

I'm so grateful to have gained this perspective through stillness and finding my inner peace. It's the most beautiful answer I've received thus far and wanted to share it with you as a reminder for your healing journey as well.



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