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The Split

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Facing fear on a Tuesday.

The road ahead of me splits into two and I am standing at the fork in amazement, eager to take the next step down the path I'm creating for myself instead of the one other people are directing me to follow.

But there's also that fear.

Fear and excitement can feel the same in our bodies and we most definitely can feel both (several) emotions at the same time.

If I forge my own path, I will be creating the life I desire. My future self will be super proud of me for following my heart. I will be able to share my gifts fully with others. I will be able to be seen in my wholeness and honor myself everyday.

If I follow the path of pleasing others, I will continue to live with anxiety. Continue to play it safe, play small, or not play at all. I will be disappointed daily that I'm giving away my power out of fear of making someone upset while I quietly upset myself over and over again.

We all come to these decisions multiple times in life and I feel that it's how we grow, elevate, and choose the path of love for ourselves first so that we can show up with compassion for others.

I fully understand how decisions affect other people and that there will always be consequences (not always bad).

So I am mustering up the courage to take that first step down MY path, even if my legs are shaking. And I will accept from a place of understanding not fear that some things, people, ideas, and beliefs must be released in order to have the expansion I desire.

Asking for all the good vibes, bravery, love, and positive juju as I lean into trusting myself with my own life the way I trust in the unfolding of it all.



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