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The Spirit

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Be like the Moth.

The Moth Spirit comes as a sign to surrender. This has been a HUGE repetitive part of my current lesson since the new year began. Synchronicities surrounding the theme of releasing control and slowing down.

When I am being reminded to slow down I have to remember that it's for my health. I can't be everything to everyone and I can't multi-task to the point where I'm just creating busyness and not actually being productive. It means I have to protect my time better, make less commitments, and do everything in moderation. It means rest is required.

It also means that I am divinely supported and guided and that I am safe to trust the unfolding without feeling the need to control it. (Damn, that's a tough one.)

If you feel like I do, I encourage you to remind yourself to be like the Moth. Drawn to the light of all possibilities not the flame that will cause the dreaded burn out.



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