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The Soothing

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

OK, OK, but let me explain.

Hands carry energy, as everything does, which means they have power.

That's why we lay our hands on people's shoulders or backs to provide comfort. And why we place our hands together in prayer or in several placements in meditation. We place our hands where we hurt on our bodies or on our heart to align. We use our hands to communicate and express ourselves. Signing, high fives, holding hands, and shaking hands are different ways we transfer and move energy.

This is very important for those who touch people for living to understand because it means we can become depleted easily because we are constantly pouring ourselves into our craft for that person to have an amazing experience. Not to mention the challenging fact that we have to shift that energy multiple times a day as we have several different people (and their energies) rotating in our space. I use the time between guests to not only sanitize my entire room of germs and bacteria but also cleanse my space energetically so that everyone is welcomed with peace.

It is crucial that you replenish and protect your energy. This looks like carving out time for yourself to do something that will nourish your soul, mind, and body. Something that makes you happy. Something that is as special or as simple as you want to make it.

I have created a Beauty Ritual specifically for beauty professionals in the industry because I understand first hand how much we give of ourselves and the importance of claiming your power back!



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