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The Significance

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

I wince when anyone (even other stylists) say, "it's just hair."

No it's not. Period.

Hair is complex. It has power.

The condition of our hair is not only an outwardly manifestation of the chemical state of our bodies, it's also an outward expression of our identity and individuality.

Hair is a response system of what is happening inside of all of us. From medications, vitamin deficiencies, physical/emotional/mental traumas, to hormones, nutrition, and toxicity levels.

But hair is also an extension of our chi, our energy, or identity. When you love your hair, you are confident and feel alive and amazing.

Some of us mark moments of our lives with certain ways we wear our hair. Sometimes we even use our hair as a reward system, treating ourselves to a luxury service when we've reached a certain goal.

Some of us use our hair as an instant gratification of needing immediate change or taste of freedom.

Some of us use our hair as a comfort blanket and we hide behind it. It's length covers our faces and bodies and we feel more secure to have it this way.

Some of us use our hair as a statement and we give it a voice with color, shape, and style. It makes us feel more connected to our true selves.

Some of us have to learn in very traumatic ways that our hair isn't our ONLY identity by losing it for various reasons (cancer, illness, imbalances) and it can be a very difficult and emotional journey.

Some of us have had to keep our hair a certain way because of a job or because of abusive relationships and when we finally have the liberty to wear it the way we want it, it can be life giving.

When someone touches our hair they are touching more than the fibers. They are touching fragments of our soul.

So when you are in my chair, I will NEVER tell you it's just hair because I fully understand and respect all aspects of your hair, your story, and what it deeply means to you.



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