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The Shatter

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Breaking Cycles

First of all we are either breaking cycles or we are repeating them. Once we understand this pattern and the triggers that come with it, then we can truly dig into the root of the cycle.

This isn't easy so give yourself plenty of time to sit with it, ask, observe, and process.

When we have held on to patterns, held them in our bodies for some time, use them as coping mechanisms, or even subconsciously succumbing to them, it often becomes our knee jerk response or our go to answer, which makes us feel OK in the moment, even if we consciously know we are repeating a negative cycle.

This is why setting yourself free feels so difficult and so uncomfortable in relation to continuing to play out what feels safe and known, even when it's detrimental to our well being.

I'd love to hear about how you broke a particular cycle and what that has done for you! And if no one has told you, well done my friend! How does that freedom feel?

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