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The Sharing

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

When I am behind the chair, I get to be a teacher and a student. The exchange and connection I'm able to make with my guests is like no other relationship.

I'm thrilled to teach my guests about their hair, educate them on how to maintain their hair, what clean products to use, and any tips or tricks that would greatly benefit them. I enjoy sharing some ways they can care for their heart and soul too. I love spreading love and light as a stylist.

But I also love being the student. I love listening to my client's unique stories and experiences. My gorgeous clients tell me, show me, and teach me so much about life, spirituality, love, and strength. I value these conversations because they not only help me through my own journey but also with others as I am able share their wisdom and perspective.

Sharing really is caring. It's definitely healing and it changes lives, so don't be afraid of your story or sharing it with others, otherwise you may be denying a moment to spread love and encouragement in a way that only you can!



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