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The Serpent

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

There are some moments in life we simply don't see coming or we try to avoid but they can rear their ugly head like a monster and you have a choice to make. You can either face it, breaking the cycle or you can fear it and repeat the same cycle until the moment of truth appears again.

Recently on my journey I've been observing several of these make or break moments surfacing in the theme of "too much." For example while having conversations with different important people in my life I'll hear comments like, "I think that's over the top" or "I couldn't possibly" or "that's overwhelming." Hearing these comments sound like a whistle of a cool coo clock and left me curious about asking myself (without fully recognizing at the time that this question was a personal trigger for said ugly monster to revisit), "Well, what limits do I put on myself?" "What's my too much?" And my answer didn't surprise me.

I have a habit of taking on a lot. A lot of tasks, responsibilities (some of which aren't even mine), commitments, projects, plans, and busyness. Like a lot. Too much. Way too much. I realized long ago that this is a coping mechanism for me personally but I've been really conscious of it over the last 3 years but apparently I still haven't reaaaalllly grasped the lesson I'm needing because here I am, subconsciously repeating the self sabotage cycle.

Now I find myself writing this completely plowed over from burning the candle at both ends... again and I've had enough. I've reached my limit. My current mechanisms are too much. I have to start practicing what I preach to my clients about balance integration, honoring boundaries, and sharing my gifts with others in ways that empower everyone for the highest good, not in shadowy ways based out of fear.

So my intention over the next 2 months is taking you all along for the ride as I give myself permission to upgrade, elevate, and fully embrace my personal vision of success; living, loving, and working from my heart centered beauty business behind the chair. And that's how I plan on turning my too much into too good!



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