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The Seed

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Thinking that we need to be further along than we are is a very real challenge, and sometimes we subconsciously torment ourselves with the thought.

When I catch myself beginning to spiral deep down the rabbit hole, I'm learning to consciously recognize my triggers, slam on the brakes before the anguish sets in, and in that pause I do my best to remind myself that I am growing. That I am enough. I am whole. There's no need to rush.

I ask myself, when you plant a seed, you don't dig it up every chance you get to see it's progress. You simply allow the time it needs to grow. So why do I feel the need to question, obsess, or feel that all my hard work and efforts aren't enough?

I tell myself that in those moments of struggle, my little seed must need something.

A little nourishing water: a good cry to release those growing pains.

A little sunshine: a warm conversation with someone I love.

A little room: a break from addressing everyone else's needs.

A little fresh soil: declutter and elevate the vibration of my home.

A new pot: change up physical appearance and try something new.

So if you're like me, I hope this helps remind you that you're doing such a great job! Ease back into a place of rest, and give yourself what you need to continuously grow, so that you can do all the great and amazing things!

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