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The Sacred

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

A ritual is a ceremonial act.

A symbolic moment to become fully present and aware. A moment to pray, meditate, or show gratitude. A moment to celebrate, remember, or mourn. A moment to release, to heal, or to cleanse.

We still carry on many rituals and traditions like in weddings, funerals, healing, and childbirth. We light candles on birthday cakes, participate in seasonal and holiday traditions, and for many of us, our mornings revolve around a sacred coffee routine or our bedtime consists of a way to unwind that brings us joy.

A Beauty Ritual at the salon is so special because you are allowing a moment to show yourself care, compassion, and love. You are tending to those places within that need a healthy dose of TLC while honoring your own unique beauty, needs, and hair. I love holding this beautiful space for my guests and hearing their favorite part of the ritual, as it's unique to each woman.



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